Key Fob Replacement

Car Key Fob Replacement Tips and Information to Make Your Life Easier

Have you lost or damaged your car key fobs? Losing or damaging key fobs can be quite devastating. Car key fobs are used to open the trunk, start the engine, and to unlock and lock cars. It is very inconvenient to use a car without key fobs. Replacement of car key fobs needs to be done as soon as possible. This article will guide you on how smoothly conduct car key fob replacement.


1. Contact Your Auto-Dealer And Check To See If The Warranty Covers Key Fob Replacement:


The first place you should go after losing or damaging a key fob is the dealership from which you purchased the car. Prices are usually higher at dealerships, but you will get the appropriate key fob for the car. If you have a high-end or new vehicle, there is a high probability that the key fob cannot be replaced by anyone other than the distributor or the manufacturer. Some warranties offer discounts for replacements. Take the advantage of the warranty to pay less. You will be required to take a valid photo ID, your car’s full information, and any other key sets to the dealership.



2. Look for discounted car key fobs online:


If prices at the dealership are too expensive, you can buy key fobs online for less than it would cost at a dealership. When buying online, you must be very careful. You should only buy from reputable online dealers. You should not focus too much on the price as key fobs are essential for your car’s security. It’s better to buy an expensive high quality product than to buy a cheap low quality product.



3. Re-program the Car Key Fobs:


Once you have done car key fob replacement, you will have to re-program the fob so as to access your car. Cars have different programming instructions depending on the manufacturer. Generally, you will have to insert the car key into the car’s ignition and start it.



4. Connect the Car to the key Fob:


After putting the key into the ignition, you will have to perform a number of tasks to connect the car with key fob. The tasks involve routine activities that a person normally does in a car. They may include activities such as setting the radio, locking and unlocking doors, turning the lights on and off, applying the brakes, and activating the windshield wipers.



Car key fob replacement reprogramming instructions normally vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Each manufacture has a different procedure for ensuring the wireless settings of the key fob match with the unique code of the car. Each car model has different features that can be controlled using the buttons on the key fob. It’s always advisable to start looking for a replacement at the dealership where you purchased the car. If the prices are too high, you can always look for better deals online.

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