FAQ: Information About Key Fobs

What are key fobs? If you are wondering about the same, then here is some insight for you the topic. Key fob is considered as a type of token for security purpose. It’s in fact a petite hardware device that can be found built-in the mechanisms used for authentication. Just like the key used in real world, key fob plays the role as security key in the world of networks and authentication.

How does the security in key fobs work generally?

Key fob and any other similar devices like smart cards make use of two factor authentication. There would be a PIN or personal identification number provided to the owner of every key fob. Hence the owner has to insert the key fob device and enter the PIN. Then after correct PIN match, the system would recognize the person as the owner of Key fob device and presents with a number that will allow them to log into the system.

How does key fob works with a car?

By making use of radio signals, key fob creates a communication channel with the locking system of your car. There is a memory chip present in the key fob as well as your car that would allow fob to work. On pressing the button using the fob, a code would be sent to the car along with certain instructions letting the car know what to do. It is, whether the car must lock the doors or unlock it, open the trucks or lock it. The car would perform the action only if the code sent from fob matches with the instruction in the memory of car.

How to know if I have lost my key fob?

Unlike regular passwords, Key fob is a physical object so it can be known very easily when it is lost or stolen.

How is it beneficial from regular network passwords?

Since the key fobs are petite hardware devices, the user would known soon it’s stolen or lost. If compared with regular password, these passwords can be guessed or stolen and can be used until the owner ever notices the theft. Buts it’s not the case in key fobs.

Can the key fobs be programmed by any person?

It is possible for a person to program the key fob provided the instructions about the model of the car and its locking system is known prior.

What to do if the fob is lost?

If the key fob is damaged or lost, it can be replaced. It’s very easy to get a new set from the dealership.

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